[EDITORIAL] (Roh Tae-sung) 22. Offsetting particles and waves
[EDITORIAL] (Roh Tae-sung) 22. Offsetting particles and waves
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Modern civilizations have contaminated rivers and seas around the world with fissile material such as U(Uranium) and Th(thorium), and eventually humanity will be destroyed if this continues.

Fortunately, scientists around the globe are working hard to develop a harmless power through the nuclear fusion of D(deuterium) and T(tritium), which are energy sources from the sun and stars other than the ground.

It is said that Korea also plays a pivotal role in these energy projects.

However, there have been no significant increase of risk for cancer or corona in the aftereffects of nuclear development.

I am mentioning it again through this paper, but is there any freedom of learning in Korea today, that brings us to court under the Pharmaceutical and Medical Law for more than a year for treating Corona?

Judges limited to pharmacology, medical law, it’s all they see and hear!

There is also a natural law in which the oceans in the east, west, and south are purified and the honeybees are disappearing.

In quantum mechanics, the relationship between particles and waves is well known, but their offsetting reactions have never been seen on paper.

Cancer and corona are diseases caused by radioactive waves. The wave of these diseases, FeO, is the nucleus of all diseases.

3O+3H, which is produced when a natural object is extracted with high temperature, high pressure, and low temperature vacuum, coexist with particles and waves.

In particles and waves of 3O+3H

Quantum formulas, where particles of A + B and waves are offset, provide the principle of treating cancer and COVID-19.

A+B quantum wave and particle (3O+3H) are the following waves when extracted from a honeycomb and other substances at high temperature and high pressure.

0.14 0.17 0.17 0.17pCi/h (The average is 0.16pCi/h.) ---- C

If this 0.16pCi/h substance is extracted with a low-temperature vacuum,

0.69 1.06 0.69 0.45pCi/h (Average is 0.71pCi/h) ---- D

The above C+D(0.16+0.71) averaged 0.43pCi/h

However, if the two wave materials are mixed, they are either 0.00pCi/h or 0.05pCi/h, not 0.43pCi/h.

In the end, if particles and waves are considered to be offset, this offset means no waves.

What does that mean?

If it means that little radioactivity was detected in the A+B mixture, the radioactive waves of Rn·O·Fe+were offset and became the Rn state, which scholars call an inactive gas.

In other words, when radon gas rises from underground, it becomes Rn·O·Fe+ at the high temperature of 700 and is released from underground to the surface.

It penetrates into active gases regardless of air or water and becomes a magnetic substance (Fe3O4) that can cause cancer or corona in the human body.

The contents of the disease are as follows.

Rn·O·Fe+ + Fe2O3 Rn + Fe3O4

Soon the magnetic material is combined in the blood cell and forms a blood clot in the blood vessel.

The disease in a blood clot can be checked by the “Banga gaebidiagnose utensil within 1 to 2 seconds. And Rn·O·Fe+ is also checked with TiO2(magnetic substance) on A4 paper.

Rn·O·Fe+ is detected even at high altitude because gamma-ray radon is emitted.

The purification of the three seas of Korea's east, west, and south seas is also caused by the offsetting reaction of radiation, and the continued decline of the levels of radiation in the sea water is the rosy glow of dawn in the global village.

The principle of treating COVID-19 with a wave frequency of 3O+3H has been established.

The East, West, and South Seas of Korea are still being purified, but it is not enough for individuals to handle the influx of radioactivity caused by vinyl floating in the sea due to Chinese floods.

More worrisome is that if thorium nuclear power is mass-developed in the middle of the desert and not on the beach, radioactive yellow dust will settle on our coasts and territory.

Every year, vinyl radiation is dumped into the Yangtze River and enters the West Sea, encroaching onto our land of beautiful scenery.

We found out that our native bees are disappearing because of the radiation from Japan and China.

The artificial radioactivity can be offset by natural radioactivity (3O+3H). So, we sawed pine nut sticks and put five of them in the water filled with Bipasu. There is no intention of plundering them of their food, honey, from the beginning.

The hive that remains next year is enough. This is because the hive can produce Bipasu by receiving 60Co and 3H as gifts.

Water, air, and land can be separated from radioactivity because the above natural radioactivity can offset the artificial radioactivity of human waste.

More than 20 years ago, China's the Yangtze River was a river that was so clear that it was impossible to even pee on a boat. However, the upper stream of the river is turning red due to the pouring of floating waste.

When the fish are annihilated, rivers and streams are directly linked to radioactive diseases of urban areas.

One example is corona in Wuhan, China. The Wuhan corona was named COVID-19. That does not mean that the source disappears from the ground.

Floating waste captured by satellites or COVID-19 cannot be repeated by people all over the world. Instead of regional names, there is year 2019 and it is a disaster that is sweeping the world.

In order for mankind to be freed from artificial radioactivity, it must convert to a clean energy industry that is close to natural circulation. Areas that can be offset by water from natural Quantum WPW(wave+particle+water/3O+3H) are as follows.

a. Expel epidemic disease

b. Extend the validity of food without preservative.

c. Reduce carbon (CO2) emissions by increasing thermal efficiency of cars.


On August 24, 2021, in the morning. Roh taesung